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JAN. 23, 2021

The book is part of Lutheran church history in Hamilton, beginning with the building of St. Paul's church on the Hughson St. site as the first Lutheran church in Hamilton 162 years ago (before the Dominion of Canada was established). 65 years ago, with the post-WWII expansion of immigration from German-speaking areas of Europe, St. Paul's split into St. John's, Grace and Faith.

The first pastor of the German-language St. John's Lutheran Church was Philipp Weingartner, whose memoirs have just been published under the title A Journey of Faith Across a Turbulent Century. A significant part of this book chronicles the origin history of St. John's.

Now that the three churches have amalgamated once more, it is important not to lose sight of our history. As Pastor Weingartner states in the book,

"Everyone needs to have a connection to their past. The way to connect with your past is by knowing the stories of those who have gone before—not because their lives were more important, or they were somehow special people, but because the lives of our ancestors are a part of our own identity. Their lives shaped our lives today."

Retired Bishop William Huras wrote the following in the book's Foreword:
"As an immigrant to Canada himself, Philipp enriched our nation and our church in serving both. The book is a great read about a man who was called by God to serve on two continents, and our church was able to benefit from his dedicated service."

Bishop Michael Pryse has this to say about the book:
"This compelling narrative of Pastor Weingartner’s faith as it was expressed in the midst of war, privation and forced migration, rhymes with similar narratives that are being lived out in real time today by countless millions in many parts of our world. His story inspires us to address these early 21st century tragedies with the same measure of resilient faith by which Pastor Weingartner engaged the tragic circumstances of his early 20th century lived experience."

To obtain a copy of the book in hardcover, paperback, or e-book format, please follow this link:

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